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About US

Arkayur Natural (P) Ltd. present itself as a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Natural Extracts of Herbs and Plants. On the basis of ancient studies and traditional practices Arkayur is able to unlock some of nature’s potential and bring versatile range of herbal base extract for Cosmetic and Personal care.

Our Profile

Arkayur is an Indian company dedicated to the Identification, Isolation, Development and Production of Natural active ingredient for Cosmetic & Personal Care product industries. With combination of traditional herbal knowledge and latest Scientific advancement our experts with professional excellence striving continuously to unlock secret of Nature’s in order to cater various requirement of industries.

With the practice of Green Chemistry, we ensure that the environment is clean while processing of unhindered purity and composition of product. We use method of extraction to obtain the extract that retains Bio-availability of basic herb in our product in high degree. Herbal actives are the better substitutes to harsh chemical.