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Botanical Name : Vitis vinifera

Common Name : Grapes seed

Grape seed oil is enriched in some great components like oligomericproanthocyanidin, polyphenols – flavonoids, vitamin E and linoleic acid an essential fatty acid. Studies conducted on grape seed oil indicate that it has adaptogenic, anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti oxidant, anti allergic, anti histamine and anti aging activity. 

Grapeseed oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which are great for stopping acne. The oil also contains linoleic acid, which is great for promoting skin health and elasticity.

Grape Seed

Botanical Name : Juglans regia

Common Name : Walnut

Grape Seed

A walnut is a seed from a tree in the genus Juglans (Family Juglandaceae). Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. it contains, like antioxidants, phenols, vitamin E, gallic acid and ellagic acid.

Botanical Name : Tamarindus indica

Common Name : Tamarind

Tamarind is the fruit of Tamarindus indica popularly in use. It contain phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin c, potassium, calcium and amino acids. Tamarind seed extracts are beneficial for skin care.

Grape Seed

Botanical Name : Prunus Persica

Common Name : Peach

Grape Seed

The peach is an energising, refreshing fruit. In cosmetics, the flesh is used in facial products for its toning, refreshing effect. Peach extract promotes a fresh, smooth, healthy-looking complexion with revitalising and skin-nourishing ingredients. A specific Clarins active ingredient, peach extract moisturises, nourishes and tones.Peaches area great source of vitamins A and C, which are highly essential for skin health.a rich source of minerals, antioxidant and various other chemical contents.Here are some other skin benefits of this fruit. Good for dry skin, Reduces wrinkles, Heals skin, Protects from UV rays.

Botanical Name : Rosa Sinensis

Common Name : Hibiscus

Hibiscus is effective in skin & hair care, it oil for Hair Thickening.Hibiscus are rich in linolenic and hyaluronic acids that stimulate hair growth and strengthen your hair.

Grape Seed

Botanical Name : Ocimum Sanctum

Family Name : Lamiaceae

Common Name : Tulsi/Basil

Grape Seed
Application :

Skin tightening, Anti-wrinkle, Fairness, Anti-irritant.

Uses :

1) The cosmetic industry uses basil oil in lotion, shampoo, perfume, and soap. It is also used in some skin ointments and promoted as a treatment for acne.

2) Basil herb is diaphoteric, anti periodic, stimulating, expectorant and anti-catarrhal. It is used in malaria, catarrh, bronchitis and gastric disorders.

Botanical Name : Azadirachta Indica

Family Name : Meliaceae

Common Name : Lilac, Margosa Tree, Neem.

Products Offered :


Traditionally accepted as a major remedy for numerous ailments the offered Neem herb is available with us in surplus.

It is also referred to as (Melia Azadirachta) which is its biological name. Other than culinary usages it has some issues regarding excess usages such as toxicity. The ancient science of medicine has also suggested it for beauty and genital purposes.

Uses :

1) Clears Acne & Dark Pigmentation.

2) Prevents Recurrence of Blackheads.

3) Treats Skin Infection.

4) Turns Skin Clear..

5) Treats Pimples.

6) Adds Glow to the Skin.

7) Heals Psoriasis.

8) Treats Eczema.

9) Treat Dandruff & Hair Fall.

10) Reduces Scalp Itchiness.

11) Enhances Hair Growth Rate.

12) Anti-Bacterial Properties.


Botanical Name : Bacopa Monniera

Family Name : Scrophulariaceae

Common Name : Herpestis Monnieria, Thyme Leaved Gratiola, Brahmi.


The leaves of this plant are succulent, oblong and 4–6 mm (0.16–0.24 in) thick. Leaves are oblanceolate and are arranged oppositely on the stem. The flowers are small and white, with four or five petals. Its ability to grow in water makes it a popular aquarium plant. It can even grow in slightly brackish conditions. Propagation is often achieved through cuttings.

Botanical Name :  Fucus vesiculosus

Common Name : Brown Algae

Brown algae is found at low tide on the shores of the English Channel and the French Atlantic coast. Its virtues were well-known among young girls in Brittany who, according to custom, mixed it with other marine plants and used it to soften their rough skin caused by the marine environment.

Its powerful draining action is used to help diminish excesslipids. The amino acids found in its composition help improve skin hydration to promote softer, more supple skin.


Botanical Name : Simmondsia chinensis

Common Name : Jojoba


Jojoba is a small shrub from the desert regions, nicknamed “desert gold” because of its incredible resistance to heat and drought in these arid regions. An oil rich in fatty acids is extracted from its seeds which is used in traditional medicine to heal wounds and moisturize the skin. In cosmetics, it is prized for its capacity to nourish the skin without leaving any oily feel.The pure jojoba oil is bright golden in color.However, refined jojoba oil is colorless and odorless liquid. It does not contain triglycerides, that’s why chemically saying—it is rather a wax than oil.

Water Soluble Extracts

SrNo. Common Name Botanical Name Application Result
1ALOEVERAAloe BarbadenisCurative/ Moisturizier/ Regenarative
2AMLAEmbelica officinalisFree Radical Scavenger/ Anti Oxidant
3APPLEMalus Domestica Anti-Ageing/ Toning
4APRICOTPrunus armeniacaSunburn/ Cold rash/ Softening
5ARNICAArnica MontanaSoftening/ Moisturizing
6ASHWAGANDHAWithania SominiferaContitioner/ Anti-Oxidant
7AVOCADOPersea AmericanaMoisturizing/ Purifying/ Skin Nutrient
8BAELAegle MarmelosAnti-Inflammatory/ Anti-Microbial
9BABCHIPsoralea corylifoliaAnti-Bacterial/ Skin Conditioner
10BAMBOOBambusa dendrocalmusStrengthening/ Remineralising
11BANANAMusa paradisiacaAnti-Dandruff/ Astrigent
12BASILOcimum sanctumAnti-Oxidant/ Stimulating/ Toning
13BHRINGRAJEclipta AlbaConditioning/ Toning
14BIRCHBetula CordifoliaAnti-Alopecia/ Antiseptic
15BLACKBERRYRubus FruticosusAnti-Ageing/ Refirming
16BRAHMIBacopa MoneriAnti-Blemish / Anti-Wrinkle
17BROOMSarothamnus scopariusAnti-Oxidant/ Anti-Inflammatory
18CALENDULACalendula OfficinalisAntiseptic/ Skin-Disoders/ Pain- Reliever
19CAPSICUMCapsicum ChinensisToning/ Stimulant/ Anti Cellulite
20CARROTDaucus carotaSoftening/ Purifying/ Anti-Ageing/ Anti-Wrinkle
21CHAMOMILEMatricaria RecutitaSoftening/ Carming/ Moisturizer.
22CHERRYPrunus aviumAstrigent/ Anti-Biotch
23CINNAMONCinnamomum zeylanicumAntiseptic/ Stimulant/ Purifing
24COCONUTCocos nuciferaMoisturizing/ Emullient
25CUCUMBERCucumis SativusSoftening/ Emollient
26DARUHALD(Indian berberry)Berberis aristataAnti-Inflammatory/ Anti-Bacterial/ Anti-Septic
27DATE PLAMPhoenix dactyliferaRestructuring/ Refrishing
28DHATURADatura StramoniumAnti-Dundruff/ Anti-Alopecia
29DRUM STICKMoringa OleiferaAnti-Problem Skin/ Anti Bacterial
30EUCALYPTUSEucalypyus  melliodoraRegenerative/ Astrigent
31FENNELFoeniculum ValgareRefreshing/ Purifying/ Revitalizing
32FENUGREEKTrigonella foenum-graecumEmollient/ Conditioner/ Softining
33GARLICAllium sativumAnti-septic/ Anti-Fungal/ Blood flow Activater
34GINGERZingiber OfficinaleStimulant/Anti-Inflammatory/Free radical Scavenger
35GINKGOBILOBAGinkgo BilobaAnti-Oxidant/Anti-Ageing
36GINSENGPanax VietnamensisStimulating/ Remineralising
37GRAPE FRUITCitrus ParadisiMoisturizer/ Astrigents
38GRAPESVitis AmurensisAstrigent/ Anti-Irritant
39GRAPES SEEDVitis ViniferaFree Radical Scavenger/ Anti-oxidant
40GREEN TEACamellia Sinensis Anti-Bacterial/ Anti-Oxidant
41GUAVA LEAFPsidium guajavaToning/ Wound care/ Anti-Acne
42HEENALawsonia InermisColouring/ Toning
43HIBISCUSRosa SinensisAstrigents/ Anti-Dandruff
44HONEYHoneyMoisturizing/ Anti-ageing.
45JATAMANSINardostachys GrandifloraStimulant/ Anti-Septic.
46JASMINEJasminum sambacPurifing/ Anti-Irritant
47KIWIActinidia DeliciosaEmollient/ Moisturizing,
48KESARCrocus sativaSkin Cleansing
49KHUS ROOTChrysopogon zizanioiidesAnti-Irritant/ Wound Care/ Strengthening
50LAVENDERLavandula officinalisRegenerative/ Softening
51LEMON FRUITCitrus LimonAstrigent/ Exfoliantive
52LEMON PEELCitrus LimonAnti-Wrinkle/ Anti-Ageing
53LIQUORICEGlycyrrhiza GlabraSkin toning/ Lightening/ Soothing Agent
54LOTUSNelumbo NuciferaRegenerating/ Anti Irritant
55MARIGOLDTagetes Patula Free Radical Scavenging/ Anti-Oxidant
56MANGO LEAFMangifera Indica L.Anti-Oxidant/ Conditioner / Anti-Irritant
57MANGOMangifera indicaAstrigent/ Moisturing
58MANJISTHARubia CardifoliaWound Care/ Coloring
59MESWAKSalvadora Persica Anti-Bacterial
60MINTMentha arvensis Anti-septic/ Carmenative/ Stimulant
61NEEMAzadirachta IndicaPurifying/ Wound- Care/ Anti-dandruff
62NUTMEGMyristica fragransToning/ Purifying
63OATAvena sativaRegenerative/ Conditioner
64ONIONAllium cepaHair Colour protector/ Growth Stimulation
65ORANGE FRUITCitrus SinensisSoftening/ Toning
66ORANGE PEELCitrus SinensisAnti-ageing/ Soothening
67PAPAYACarica PapayaAnti-Inflammatory/ Regenerative
68PEACHPrunus PersicaRevitalizing/ Softening/ Refreshing/ Moisturizing
69PINEPinus Pinaster Anti-dandruff/ Astrigent
70PINEAPPLEAnanas ComosusExfoliative/ Anti-Ageing/ Purifing
71POMOGRANATEPunica GrantumAstringent/ Softening
72PUMKINCucurbita pepoAnti-Inflammatory/ Nourishing
73RASPBERRYRubus idaeusAstrigent/ Moisturing
74RICE BRANOryza sativaSoftening/ Anti-Irritant
75ROSEMARYRosmarinus OfficinalisAnti-Blemish/ Anti-wrinkle/ Anti-dandruff
76SAGESalvia officinalisToning/ Refreshing
77SAWPALMETTOSerenoa serrulataEmollient/ Softening
78SHIKAKAIAcasia ConcinnaAnti-dandruff/ Conditioner/ wound-healing/ Anti-irritant.
79SOYA PROTEINGlycine maxAnti-Ageing/ Astrigent/ Conditioner
80SPINACHSpinacia OleraceaAnti-Inflammatory/ Anti-Oxidant/ Anti-Bacterial
81STRAWBERRYFragaria AnanassaSoftening/ Refreshing
82SUNFLOWERHelianthus annuusAnti-inflammatory/ Anti-Ageing
83TAMARINDTamarindus indicaExfoliater/ Toner
84THYMEThymus vulgarisPurifying/ Anti-Dandruff
85TOMATOSolanum LycopersicumAnti-Acne/ Astrigent
86TURMERICCurcuma longaAnti-Inflammatory / Anti-Microbial
87WALNUTJuglans regiaAnti-Oxidant/ Remineralizing
88WATERMELONCitrullus LanatusHealing wound / Moisturizing
89WATERMELON SEEDCitrullus lanatusMoisturizing/ Toning/ Softening
90WHEAT PROTEINTriticum SativumHair restructuring/Free radical scavenger/Moisturizing.
91WILD YAMDioscorea villosaAnti-Ageing/ Soothing
92WILLOW BARKSalix albaSoftening/ Astrigent
93YOGHURTYoghurtExfoliative/ Smoothing

Oil Soluble Extracts

SrNo. Common Name Botanical Name Application Result
1Aloevera OilAloe BarbadenisEmollient/ Epithelising
2AMLA OILEmbelica OfficinalisConditioning / Lightening
3ARNICA OILArnica MontanaEpithelising / Conditioning / Shiny
4BHRINGRAJ OILEclipta AlbaAnti- Hairloss / Anti-Allergic
5BRAHMI OILBacopa MoneriStrengthens Hair / Conditioner
6CALENDULA OILCalendula OfficinalisAntiseptic / Anti-Ageing / Emollient
7CAPSICUM OILCapsicum ChinensisBlood Flow Activator
8CARROT SEED OILDaucus CarotaFree radical scavenger / Emollient / Natural Colorant.
9GRAPES SEED OILVitis vinifera seedAnti-oxidant / Anti-bacterial / Free radical Scavenger
10HIBISCUS OILRosa SinensisEmollient /Anti-Dandruff / Conditioner
11JOJOBA OILSimmondsia ChinensisMoisturizing / Anti Ageing / Free radical scavenger
12NEEM OILAzadirachta IndicaAnti-Dandruff / Anti-Irritant / Anti-septic
13SHIKAKAI OILAcacia ConcinnaAnti-Dandruff / Conditioner
14SWEET ALMOND OILPrunus DulcisConditioner / Emmolient
15TURMERIC OILCurcuma LongaFairness / Conditioning / Wound care / Anti-marks
16WHEAT GERM OILTriticum SativumFree radical scavenger / Emollient / Anti-ageing.